Pittsburgh Association of Tech Professionals



What is the Pittsburgh Association of Tech Professionals?

The PATP is an organization of technology, robotics, biotech and other professionals in Pittsburgh dedicated to promoting transparency, fair compensation and a voice on the job for the thousands of professionals in the region. We know that our voices are stronger when we join together, and we are committed to collaborating to identify and win concrete gains. PATP is supported by more than 850,000 United Steelworkers members, including professionals in a variety of occupations including lawyers, scientists, pharmacists and paramedics.

What is a union?

A union is a democratic organization formed when a group of employees decide to come together and bring more stability and transparency to their jobs. Thousands of professionals organize and join unions every year because they know the best way to secure workplace improvements is by joining together.

Why do technology professionals need a union?

Though we are highly skilled professionals, we have very little input in how our companies operate and how we do our work. We face unique and specialized issues at work that can only be solved by working together to create solutions. By forming a union, we can empower ourselves as individuals and build the collective voice we need to tackle our shared challenges.

What is collective bargaining?

Collective bargaining is the formal process employees in unions and their employers use to negotiate the terms and conditions of work—including wages, benefits, and working conditions. Similar to the contracts CEOs have that guarantee their pay, benefits, and other conditions of employment, the terms agreed upon during collective bargaining are solidified in a contract called the collective bargaining agreement. 

Who decides what goes into a contract?

Employees in unions and their employers tailor their collective bargaining agreement to the unique needs of their workplace and its employees. A contract can include provisions such as improved wages, better benefits, increased training opportunities, a formal voice in company decision-making, and other improvements.

How do we form a union?

First and foremost, organizing a union at your job starts with talking to your coworkers. If you are interested in improving your workplace with a union and want more information, you should contact PATP.