Pittsburgh Association of Tech Professionals

We are joining together across Pittsburgh’s tech industry to improve wages and benefits, increase transparency, and support continued growth.



We want our companies to innovate and thrive. As professionals, we know our contributions are an essential component for continued success and growth of our companies. Joining together, we can contribute to the continued success of our businesses by ensuring close cooperation with management and equal opportunity to share in their achievements.


No one is helped when decisions are made through opaque processes and without our input. Uniting together with PATP will allow us to use our collective voice to make our workplaces better for all of us and help us create fair and honest processes for raises and promotions.


Pay & Benefits

As professionals, we invest in our companies with our time and hard work. Our pay and benefits should reflect the expertise we bring to our companies and the contributions we make on a daily basis to help our them succeed and grow. Time and again, taking action together has been proven to be the most effective way to achieve real gains at work.


“We enter professional fields because we have experience and expertise and want to be able to do our best work. Having a union has helped me have the resources I need to do my job to the best of my abilities.”

Damon Di Cicco

Adjunct Professor and United Steelworkers member


“Workers in every field deserve fair compensation and transparency. We’re unionizing because we want a voice in our workplace and we know that we’re stronger as a democratic group than as individuals standing alone.”

Renata Nelson

HCL Employee at Google Pittsburgh


“I support unionization for tech professionals, because being in a union means having genuine job security and not needing to constantly worry about being downsized at any moment while watching our benefits slowly slip away.”

Josh Borden

HCL Employee at Google Pittsburgh

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The power to make a difference

Alone, we do not have the ability make the workplace changes we know we deserve. But together, we have the ability to win a seat at the table and set industry-wide standards that reflect the investments we make in our companies every day.

Professionals across the country have been coming together to organize and join unions in record numbers and they are winning substantial improvements. Some of their gains include transparent, logical wage scales and annual raises, overtime pay and compensatory time, improved health and retirement benefits, labor-management committees to address ongoing workplace conditions, grievance procedures to ensure everyone gets fair and equal treatment and severance pay for the worst-case scenario of layoffs.