10 Free Government Phone Companies

To ensure equal access to communication facilities for all socioeconomic groups, the United States Federal government has administered two key technological initiatives – the Affordable Connectivity Program and Lifeline Assistance. Although ACP is coming to an end in April, there is still a good chance you may secure a free smartphone from any of the free government phone companies.  

Currently, there are nearly 22 telecom providers, giving away subsidized smartphones via ACP and Lifeline. However, in terms of the program’s availability, device models, and quality, there is a huge variation among them. 

10 Best Free Government Phone Companies in 2024

After evaluating all the possible options, we’ve curated a rundown of the top 10 free government phone companies of 2024. Let’s take a look:

1. Assurance Wireless

Assurance Wireless, one of the best free government cell phone providers, currently offers a free smartphone to financially disadvantaged households, along with discounted voice and internet services. Following the discontinuation of ACP, the company is providing low-cost services under the Federal Lifeline Program. There is no activation fee, credit check, or annual contract required; simply demonstrate your eligibility and receive a free government phone in your mailbox. 


  • Every new qualifying customer gets a free Android smartphone
  • Free 1000 calling minutes per month
  • Unlimited texts across the country 
  • 4/5 GB internet data
  • Fast and reliable T-Mobile LTE network
  • Scam protection tools

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Contact – +1 (888) 321-5880

2. Easy Wireless

Offering its service in 48 states, Easy Wireless is one of the biggest free government phone companies in the country. If you qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program or Lifeline scheme, you can claim your free smartphone and a discounted tablet, as well as free internet, voice calling, and text messages. Keep in mind that Easy Wireless benefits vary from state to state, and in some regions, you must demonstrate your eligibility for both ACP and Lifeline to obtain a free phone. 


  • Free smartphone to all qualifying applicants
  • Unlimited free internet 
  • Unlimited calling and texting across the United States
  • Access to millions of Wi-Fi hotspots around the country
  • 8-inch tablet for just $10.99 (ACP members only)
  • Voicemail, call waiting, three-way calling, call forwarding, etc. 

Click here to check your eligibility. 

Contact – +1 (877) 476-3451, help@myeasywireless.com

3. Q Link Wireless

Boasting America’s largest LTE/5G network, Q Link Wireless is among the best free government smartphone providers available in 2024. Approved members can receive a free smartphone or a tablet just for $10.01, along with unlimited voice calling and internet data every month. The company has a lenient qualification process for unemployed, senior citizens, and individuals struggling to get by. Depending on your household income or government program participation status, you can demonstrate your qualifications and apply for a brand-new smartphone. 


  • Free smartphone 
  • No contract, no monthly bill, and no activation fee
  • Unlimited texts and calling facility
  • 2 month of free Amazon Prime subscription 
  • Get instant approval 
  • Bring your phone number
  • Access to over 10 million free Wi-Fi hotspots across the country

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Contact: +1 (855) 754-6543, support@qlinkwireless.com

4. Access Wireless

Access Wireless is another telecom provider, giving away subsidized government phones to individuals hailing from economically challenged backgrounds. If you combine your ACP and Lifeline benefits, you can secure a free smartphone, along with unlimited/discounted calling and internet data, and unlimited text messaging facility. What’s more, if ACP goes down under, your benefits will automatically be transferred to Lifeline, depending on your eligibility and program availability. 


  • Free government smartphone to eligible members
  • 1000 free calling minutes for ACP or Lifeline 
  • Unlimited calling for ACP+Lifeline beneficiaries 
  • Unlimited texting
  • Up to 12 GB of high-speed internet data 
  • Up to 5 GB of hotspot data (ACP and ACP+Lifeline)
  • Get additional calling minutes with low-cost add-on bundles. 
  • Internation calling 

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Contact: +1 (888) 900-5899

5. StandUp Wireless

The next is StandUp Wireless, a leading ACP and Lifeline provider distributing free smartphones and tablets to low-income individuals and participants of government assistance programs. Whether you qualify for Lifeline, ACP, or both, you are sure to get a free phone and free/discounted voice and internet services, depending on your region and eligibility.

All you need to do is check the available offers in your area, submit an online application form, and verify your eligibility through National Verifier, and you will receive your smartphone within 14 days. 


  • Save up to $40 if you combine your ACP and Lifeline benefits
  • Unlimited voice calling and texting across the States
  • Up to 10 GB of LTE/5G internet (depending on coverage)
  • Unlimited low-speed data 
  • International calling and texting to selected countries
  • Option to bring your old phone number

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Contact: +1 (800) 544-4441, support@standupwireless.com

6. SafeLink Wireless

SafeLink Wireless is currently offering free smartphones to those who qualify for both ACP and Lifeline. Since ACP is no longer accepting new registrations, you can bring your ACP benefits to SafeLink and apply for a new smartphone and discounted voice and data service.

The service is supported by America’s top networks and gives you wide coverage and reliable connectivity. Simply provide your area code and check the available free smartphone offers in your state. 


  • Free government smartphone for ACP+Lifeline members
  • Unlimited 4G/5G internet data (depending on availability)
  • Unlimited text messages and calling minutes every month
  • Up to 10 GB of hotspot data where the service is accessible
  • Caller ID, voicemail, 3-way calling
  • Access to 911 and 411 directory assistance
  • Free calls to Canada and Mexico
  • Get a tablet for $10.01

Click here to check offers. 

Contact: +1 (800) 723-3546

7. Cintex Wireless

While the majority of free government phone companies offer entry-level smartphones only, with Cintex, you can get your hands on models from leading brands like Apple, Samsung, Google, OnePlus, and Motorola. To qualify for a free phone, you must qualify through ACP or transfer your ACP benefits to Cintex.

Furthermore, there are generous plans for underserved households, senior citizens, the disabled, and Tribals, facilitating them with cost-effective communication service as well as devices. 


  • Get high-end refurbished smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S9, Apple iPhone 7, Motorola G Play, and Google Pixel 3 for free or at a discounted price. 
  • Free 8 GB high-speed 5G internet data every month 
  • Unlimited texts, voice calling, and picture messaging
  • Free international calling to over 80 countries, including Mexico and Canada
  • No shipping costs
  • Free Wi-Fi calling
  • Caller ID, voicemail, three-way calling, caller ID
  • Earn freebies and cashback from loyalty programs

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Contact: +1 (855) 655-3097

8. enTouch Wireless

enTouch is among the premium free government phone companies that extend its services in 34 states. The company, under the Lifeline and ACP programs, offers premium-quality smartphones to qualifying members. While you will get discounts on voice and internet services as per your Lifeline and ACP benefits, the free phone service is not available in every state.

To check the availability, simply go to the Find My State section and select your state from the list. In most cases, you will find a complimentary phone for Lifeline+ACP only. 


  • Free 5.5” brand new Android smartphone from premium brands
  • Unlimited talk and texts
  • No contract, activation, or hidden fees
  • Up to 10 GB high-speed LTE/5G internet data 
  • Unlimited low-speed internet data 

Click here to check the availability. 

Contact: +1 (866) 488-8719

9. Life Wireless

Life Wireless is welcoming ACP benefit transfers despite the program’s future is not secure. With your ACP and Lifeline benefits combined, you can get a free government smartphone bundled with affordable communication services.

If your household’s annual income is below the Federal Poverty Guideline or a member of your household receives government benefits through EBT, Medicaid, SSI, and similar programs, you can demonstrate your eligibility and apply for the benefits. 


  • Free 5G smartphone for ACP+Lifeline members
  • Free unlimited nationwide calling and texting
  • 15 GB LTE/5G internet data 
  • No activation fee or delivery charge
  • Unlimited low-speed internet (256kbps)
  • Keep your old phone number 
  • Get quick approval and delivery 

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Contact: +1 (888) 543-3620, info@lifewireless.com

10. AirTalk Wireless

I am wrapping up the list with AirTalk Wireless, possibly the number 1 free government phone provider for the year 2024. The company provides benefits under three plans – ACP, Lifeline, and ACP+Lifeline combo, and all of them include free smartphones from the leading brands along with discounted internet and calling.

We’ve also noticed that AirTalk Wireless maintains the same offerings across the states. The best is to go with the ACP+Lifeline combo so that even after the ACP disappears, you will keep receiving benefits under the Lifeline program. 


  • Free smartphone from iconic brands like Apple, Google, and Samsung
  • Get a free tablet or iPad for just $10.01 (ACP and ACP+Lifeline only)
  • Up to 15 GB high-speed 5G internet 
  • Unlimited texts and calls (1000 free minutes for Lifeline)
  • Unlimited international calling to over 80 countries (including Canada and Mexico)
  • Free shipping and SIM activation

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Contact: +1 (855) 924-7825


1. Which company is giving the best free 5G government phones?

Cintexand enTouch Wireless provides new/refurbished premium 5G smartphones from reputed brands like Apple, Motorola, Samsung, and Google. 

2. What are the best California Lifeline cell phone providers?

Assurance Wireless and StandUp Wireless distribute the best free government phones in California. 

3. Is Verizon wireless free government phone service still available?

Verizon offers discounted internet and voice calling under the ACP and Lifeline but doesn’t provide free government phones. 

4. How do I find free government phones near me?

To secure a subsidized smartphone, you must search for free government phone companies in your state. Simply, pick an ACP/Lifeline provider and search with your area code to find the available offers. 

Closing Remark

Nearly all free government phone companies feature similar call and data packages, and the main difference is in their smartphone offerings. While mainstream ones stick to entry-level and refurbished models, providers like Cintex and AirTalk are a step ahead, offering top-tier smartphones and tablets.

Another thing to keep in mind is that a lot of the free smartphone offers are bundled with ACP+Lifeline combo benefits, while others are not accepting new ACP registrations. So if you are a Lifeline-only member, Assurance Wireless, AirTalk Wireless, and StandUp Wireless are your best bets. 

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