6 ACP Free Laptop Providers In 2024

Searching for the ACP free laptop providers in your area? Look no further, as we are here to provide you with the best options. 

The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is a Federally administered initiative, designed to provide low-cost internet to financially challenged households. Under this program, eligible subscribers can enjoy a $30 discount on monthly broadband services, along with a $100 discount on a purchase of a laptop, computer, or tablet from collaborating providers. Although the program is on the verge of a shutdown due to insufficient funds, you can secure a free laptop from a private or non-profit organization. 

Let’s explore further and find out the best providers. 

6 Best ACP Free Laptop Providers 

Although the ACP is no longer accepting new registrations, there is still an opportunity for old beneficiaries to get a free government laptop before the potential shutdown of the program at the end of April. If you applied to the ACP benefits before February 8, 2024, you can apply for a free laptop through any of the following:

1. Computers With Causes

Contact – 888-228-7320 

Computers With Causes is among the biggest non-profits, helping thousands of students, senior citizens, foster homes, disabled individuals, and anyone hailing from economically weak backgrounds. 

Although the organization doesn’t directly partner with the Affordable Connectivity Program, your participation can only increase your chances of acquiring a free laptop. It relies on donations from individuals and small businesses and refurbishes the used laptops into perfectly operational ones before distributing them to eligible applicants. 

All you need to do is visit the website and fill out a simple form with your personal information and requirements. If your request is approved, you will receive a response within 30 days. 

2. PCs For People

Contact – 651-354-2552

PCs for People is another privately-held social organization where you can apply for an ACP free laptop. The enterprise collects discarded laptops, computers, and spare parts from schools, universities, and offices, and the Microsoft-certified team refurbishes them into usable machines. 

Mind you, PCs for People offers discounted laptops and desktops only, and if you are eligible through the ACP, you can get one for as low as $125. All the machines are pre-loaded with educational software and come with a one-year hardware warranty, a 30-day return policy, and a lifetime of customer support.  Simply visit the Shop Online section on the website and find your best deal. 

3. Computers 4 People

Contact – https://www.computers4people.org/contact.html 

In the last 5 years, Computers 4 People has distributed over 2500 laptops and computers to low-income households, non-profit entities, community centers, and small businesses. The organization runs on private donations and provides digital devices, technology training, and affordable internet to serve the less fortunate segments of society. 

ACP beneficiaries can apply for a computer through an online or printed form, providing personal details and laptop requirements. 

4. Human-I-T

Contact – 888-268-3921

Human-I-T, a non-profit entity working towards digital equity, has been providing thousands of laptops, digital equipment, and technology training to those hailing from struggling families. The organization gathers e-waste from big corporations and recycles them into usable machines. As of April 2024, it’s one of the few sources where you can still get an ACP free laptop before the program concludes at the end of the month.  


Contact – Not available

If you are a single parent living in the United States, the Single Parents Alliance of America(SPAOA) is an ideal destination for you to obtain a free ACP laptop. Although the organization is not directly associated with the Affordable Connectivity Program, you can still demonstrate your participation and increase your chances. All you have to do is visit the website and register yourself for free. 

6. Digitunity

Contact – 203-863-9100

The last option is Digitunity, where you can receive a pre-owned laptop via the Affordable Connectivity Program. The organization has been tirelessly working toward bridging the digital divide, helping individuals and non-profits with free/discounted laptops, literacy training, and other essential support. To apply, go to the Receive Equipment section on the website, and click on Find a Refurbisher. You can use your ACP participation as proof of your eligibility. 


1. What is happening to the ACP program?

Due to a shortage of funds, the FCC has started to wind down the ACP. New registrations have been halted, and as of now, the future of the program appears to be uncertain 

2. How do I find the ACP laptop providers near me?

To locate ACP free laptop providers around you, visit ACP’s official website and search for the collaborating providers. Next, visit their websites and provide your area code. 

3. Is Walmart ACP’s free laptop program still active?

Yes, Walmart is still giving out free laptops through ACP. However, new registrations are not accepted and only those enrolled before February 8, 2024, can apply for the benefits. 

4. What is the eligibility requirement to get an ACP free laptop?

To participate in the ACP free laptop program, your annual household income must be at or below 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines applicable in your state. 

Final Words

That’s a wrap-up. Please remember that all ACP free laptop providers outlined in this guide extend the benefits only to low-income households who have applied to the program before February 8, 2024. If you have missed the deadline, don’t lose hope. Some non-profit organizations like PCs for People, Computer for Causes, and Everyone On distribute free government laptops to economically disadvantaged children, senior citizens, military veterans, and everyone from a less fortunate background.

Also, most of the programs offer a one-time discount, instead of free laptops, so it’s advisable to do thorough research before sending out applications. 

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