Free Government Laptop: Is It Possible To Claim In 2024?

While computers and laptops have become an integral part of our lives, they are still out of reach for millions of individuals. Whether you are a student, a working professional, or a job hunter, it’s almost impossible to imagine functioning without a laptop. Unfortunately, even in a developed nation like America, a big part of the population still struggles to afford a laptop, especially since the prices have gone significantly up. Thankfully, some generous organizations are providing free government laptops to those with limited financial resources.

So, if you are in search of a free laptop, this guide is going to be very helpful for you. Stay tuned for more information.

Is It Possible to Get a Free Government Laptop?

As of 2024, the United States government is not handing out free laptops to individuals. Yes, there are numerous federal programs to promote the use of technology among economically challenged populations, but none of them involve the direct distribution of free laptops from the government. 

However, this is not the end of the road. Through government assistance programs like ACP and Lifeline, you can apply for a free government laptop from various non-profit organizations across the United States. Most of these organizations run on private fun and donations in the form of cash, used laptops, spare parts, and accessories.

A bit of bad news though; these organizations receive countless requests every day, and chances of obtaining a free laptop are very marginal. But these schemes are solely to help low-income families only, so, if you belong to this category, you should not have a hard time securing a free laptop from one of these organizations. 

Am I Eligible for a Free Government Laptop?

Since the free government laptop schemes are strictly for low-income individuals, your annual income serves as the primary eligibility criteria. Additionally, if you are a beneficiary of Federal Assistance Programs, you may qualify for a free laptop from any of the non-profit organizations, which I will mention later in the guide. 

1. Income-based Eligibility

Any household with an annual income of below or equal to 200% of the Federal Poverty Guideline qualifies for a free laptop. Keep in mind that in certain conditions, NGOs may have a lower or higher annual income limit for the qualification process. 

Moreover, the income limit that puts you below the poverty line may be impacted by factors such as the size of your family, mortgage, privately owned property, etc. Usually, these Federal Poverty criteria vary from state to state, which you can verify by clicking here

2. Federal Assistance Programs 

Another way to demonstrate your eligibility for a free government laptop is through participation in Federally-operated assistance programs for low-income families. Here is a list of the schemes that will automatically qualify for the free laptop from any NGO. 

  • Medicaid (Medical Assistance)
  • Extended Foster Care
  • Employment Services
  • Supplemental Security Income
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
  • The National School Lunch Program’s Free or Reduced Lunch Program
  • LIHEAP (Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program)
  • Adult & Child Mental Health Case Management
  • Food Support
  • GRH (Section 8, Federal Public Housing Assistance, or Group Residential Housing)
  • SSD (Social Security Disability)
  • Head Start

Note – Some organizations may have different qualification criteria and may not accept participation in all of the aforementioned programs.

What Documents Do I Need To Apply For a Free Laptop?

It’s crucial to organize as many documents as possible before applying for a free government laptop. Here is a list of supporting documents you will need:

1. Identity Proof

  • Foreign passport
  • Driver’s license
  • Permanent Resident or Resident Alien Card
  • Government or state-issued ID
  • Certificate of Naturalization
  • Tribal ID
  • Birth certificate
  • Passport
  • Certificate of U.S. Citizenship

2. Proof of Household Income

  • Federal tax papers from the preceding year.
  • Paycheck stub indicating your earnings.
  • Records of rental income received.
  • Statement of benefits issued by the Veterans Administration.
  • Workers’ compensation statement
  • Statements from Social Security regarding your benefits.
  • State tax return documents for the previous year.
  • Tribal tax documentation
  • A statement confirming unemployment compensation was received.
  • Documents verifying child support payments.
  • Current income statement provided by your employer.

3. Proof of Domicile

  • Utility bill copies
  • Tribal identification (Tribal ID)
  • Paycheck stub
  • Current mortgage or lease statement
  • Driver’s license
  • Statement of current income
  • Official government or state-issued identification

4. Participation in Government Assistance Programs

  • Notice of participation in an eligible state program
  • Letter confirming participation in a federal support program
  • Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card
  • Statement of benefits received from a federal, state, or tribal program
  • Medicaid enrollment
  • Proof of Tribal support program membership
  • Documents validating participation in the qualifying program
  • Official documentation verifying participation in a government program

How to Apply for Free Laptop Online?

As I mentioned earlier, acquiring a free government laptop is not straightforward, since the demand outweighs the supply. Before applying, make sure you have a genuine need for a laptop and have all the necessary documents to establish your eligibility. 

Please remember that nearly all non-profit organizations that offer free or discounted laptops have been using the Affordable Connectivity Program to pick out financially challenged households. That means, being a beneficiary of ACP automatically increases the chances of receiving a free laptop. 

However, ACP is being shut down by the government in April 2024 and has stopped accepting new registrations. Now, the only option is to apply directly through the partners’ websites and fulfill their eligibility criteria. Those already registered under the AFC still have a month to secure a free laptop through the program. 

Here is the process you need to follow:

  • Pick a nonprofit organization and visit its official website. 
  • Go through the rules and qualification criteria before applying for a laptop. 
  • If there is an application form available, fill it out. 
  • Attach the supporting documents to demonstrate your eligibility. 
  • Some organizations may require you to connect via a call or email address. If so, explain your requirements and financial details clearly. 
  • You might be asked for a personal visit as well. In that case, carry all the necessary documents (original and copies). 

Caution – These organizations receive thousands of daily requests, including the bogus ones. To identify the genuine applicants, they enforce a strict verification process, usually conducted by third-party professionals. That’s why it’s very important not to forge your information or apply without a legitimate requirement. 

Tip – Again, the demand is way higher than the supply, especially following the news of ACP being shut down. It’s a good idea to apply to as many organizations as possible as it will only increase the chances of you getting a free laptop. 

Where Can You Get Free Laptops?

Here are some popular organizations that can get you a free laptop from the government in 2024. 

1. Everyoneon

Starting as a digital awareness program for K-12 students from low-income backgrounds, Everyoneon has provided affordable internet and devices through its partnership with Microsoft, Oakland Undivided, and Simply Healthcare. As of 2024, this nonprofit entity has connected over a million people to the Internet, distributed over 10000 computers, and trained thousands of individuals. 

All you have to do is visit the website, go to the Find Offers section, enter your area code, and choose your government program participation status. Depending on availability and eligibility, you can get a laptop for as low as $100. 

Contact – 877-789-9889,

2. Computers for Kids

Computers for Kids is another privately funded entity that has been helping underserved kids with affordable technology. Currently, the organization is offering K-12th grade students a refurbished laptop or desktop (whatever is available) preloaded with Windows 10 Pro and Microsoft Office 2010, along with a year of free technical support.

The company also offers similar initiatives for college students, private schools, and other nonprofit organizations, providing cost-effective laptops, desktops, and iPads of various configurations. Since its establishment in 2001, Computers for Kids has delivered over 50000 computers to various students, colleges, and other private nonprofit organizations. To apply for a free government laptop, go to the Application section on the website, choose your category, and fill out the application form. 

Contact – 208-345-0346 

3. ConnectAll

ConnectAll is another private enterprise distributing affordable laptops and desktops from reputed brands such as HP, Dell, and Lenovo. The organization primarily runs on private donations and refurbishes old laptops into decently configured usable ones. 

All laptops offered by ConnectAll come with a minimum of Intel Core i5 (6th generation), coupled with 8GB RAM and 128GB SSD. You also get Windows 10, LibreOffice program, and a three-year replacement warranty with every machine. What’s best, you can get your hands on a laptop for a mere $49, and a desktop for $125. Additionally, the company partners with T-Mobile to provide internet to low-income families for just $14.95/month. 

Simply create an account to prove your eligibility, add the required product to the cart, and place your order. 

Contact – 206-222-2060,

4. Computers with Causes

A part of the popular American charitable trust Giving Center, Computers with Causes has been distributing over 20 thousand computers and laptops each year to those coming from low-income backgrounds. 

Computers with Causes serves a wide section of the community, offering laptops to individual students from elementary to junior high and high schools, as well as university and college students, private nonprofit entities, medical organizations, libraries, welfare organizations, shelters, foster homes, and disabled, and US veterans. 

You will need to complete a simple form, containing individual details and requirements. If your request is accepted following the background check, you will be contacted within 30 days of the submission. After that period, you can send a fresh application. 

Contact – 888-228-7320 

5. World Computer Exchange

Although the World Computer Exchange doesn’t cater to individual needs, it’s an ideal organization if you need to export large quantities of affordable computers outside the country, particularly in developing nations. With WEC, you can purchase any quantity of computers,10 or 1000, for nonprofit schools, charitable homes, and financially challenged shelters. 

Each computer/laptop from WEC is shipped with necessary peripherals and networking gear, along with numerous educational programs, including Microsoft Office, online learning tools, and other utility software. Moreover, you get 1 year of third-party technical support and necessary digital training in social media, internet use, troubleshooting, and enterprise development. 

To apply for affordable laptops, visit this link and fill out the form. 

Contact –

6. Laptops4Learning

Laptops4learning is a privately owned charitable organization that runs on donations from individuals, corporations, and other community services. This fund is used to buy computers/laptops in bulk, which are then delivered to students, military veterans, and other economically disadvantaged groups. 

The program also helps individuals to set up their accounts receive tax-deductible donations and purchase a low-cost laptop. In many cases, the laptops are provided free of cost, considering the requirements and financial status of the applicant. 

To apply for a free government laptop, go to the Get a Laptop section on the website and register yourself in the respective category. 

Contact – 602-358-6649,

7. PCs for People

Since 1998, PCs for People has given away over 260,000 laptops to individuals, families, and other low-income nonprofits across the United States, the organization collects discarded yet usable computers, spare parts, and other electronic waste from large businesses, universities, and individuals, and recycle them into a fully functional machine before distributing them to those in need. 

You can use your identity proof and Federal program participation documents to demonstrate your eligibility and obtain laptops and desktops for as low as $125 and $85 respectively. The computers are preloaded with useful programs, such as LibreOffice, Glary Utilities, Malwarebytes, etc., and come with a 30-day return policy and a 1-year hardware warranty. 

Click here to sign up. 

Contact – 651-354-2552

8. RebootPC

Since 2017, RebootPC, a New York-based small charitable trust, has supplied over 500 computers to students from underserved backgrounds. The enterprise gathers used or non-functional computers from individuals and recycles them into fully operational machines. Depending on the availability, approved applicants can get Windows machines (Windows 10), Macs (macOS High Sierra / Catalina), and Chromebooks. 

Although there is no option to select hardware specifications, the lowest configuration you might receive is Intel Core i3 (2nd Gen) + 8GB DDR3 + 128GB SSD. 

To apply, click here

9. The On It Foundation

Established in 1999, the On It Foundation is a public nonprofit entity that provides cost-effective computers/laptops, internet, and digital training to K-12 grade American students attending a government school and receiving a free or reduced school lunch.

To apply for a free or discounted laptop from The On It Foundation, parents/guardians must mail/email a manually written letter of request, containing the proof of the student’s qualification for a free/reduced lunch program. After a thorough background verification, you will receive the status of your application. Even if you don’t qualify for a free laptop, you can purchase one starting at just $99. 

Click here to know more. 

Contact – 

10. Compudopt

Compudopt was formed in 2007 to provide affordable technology to economically weak students. Sustaining on private donations, the organization recycles pre-owned computers and distributes them to those in need through a giveaway program. If you don’t have access to a computer at home and have a kid in pre-K-12 grade, you can acquire a laptop for free. 

All you have to do is select your location and register for the giveaway program by filling out the form. If approved, you will be notified via email or text message, containing the next steps. Before applying, please ensure you meet the criteria of the Federal Poverty Guideline applicable in your state.

Click here to apply. 

Contact – 855-532-5060,


1. Is it possible to get a free laptop from Medicaid?

Yes, through Medicaid, you can acquire a free laptop through a nonprofit organization. 

2. Where to download the free laptop application form?

The free laptop application forms are available on the websites of respective charitable organizations. 

3. How to get a free laptop from Amazon?

Unfortunately, there is no possible way to receive a free laptop from Amazon. 

4. What is the eligibility criteria for an ACP-free laptop?

Any household with an annual income at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines is qualified for a free laptop through ACP.

Final Words

I am confident this guide has simplified the process of getting a free government laptop and cleared your doubts regarding the qualification, necessary documents, and the application process. In this age of technological revolution, your financial status should never come in the way of your education, personal development, and goals.

Regrettably, congress has decided to shut down the much-needed Affordable Connectivity program, but the chance of getting a free government laptop is still there, thanks to the tireless effort from ever-generous nonprofit organizations. 

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