How to Get a Free Laptop from Amazon in 2024?

Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms globally, but it’s also known as a generous organization that provides free laptops and other equipment to people in need. If you want a laptop for studies or work but can’t afford one, this guide will help you get a free laptop from Amazon.

Several programs in the United States help people belonging to low-income households, students, veterans, people with disabilities, and other needy folks to get access to technology inexpensively.

Amazon also participates in such campaigns, especially providing students with lucrative laptop deals. However, you must use the right set of strategies to claim your free or discounted devices.

Does Amazon offer a Free Laptop?

Yes, Amazon provides a laptop at no cost or very low cost through the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) by the United States Government. However, it doesn’t help people belonging to low-income households directly. You must qualify for the ACP and get your free laptop from Amazon.

Apart from that, Amazon offers several ways to get a laptop at a highly discounted price. Various deals, specially curated for students, are available on Amazon, making purchasing laptops affordable.

Refurbished and warehouse surplus devices are also available from the company at economical prices.

How to Get a Free Laptop from Amazon?

It would be best if you qualified for the Affordable Connectivity Program to get a free laptop from Amazon. Amazon is one of the major providers participating in the ACP free laptop program. This initiative is designed to help low-income households pay for internet service and connected devices such as laptops or tablets.

To qualify for the ACP, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Receiver of the Pell Grant in the current award year.
  • Participant of the Reduced-Price School Lunches or Breakfast Program.
  • Current Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) user
  • Belonging to a Medicaid-eligible household.
  • Belonging to a Federal Housing Assistance household.
  • Any person qualified for SSI or WIC.

There are also other qualification criteria that you can check on the official website. Once eligible, you can visit this page to apply for the program online. You can also print out a mail-in form and send your application through that. The approval process is fast, and you’ll receive a response soon.

When you’re approved and have received your award letter, you can contact your service provider (Amazon, in this case). After that, they’ll provide you with a laptop free of cost. Sometimes, you’re only qualified for an instant discount that starts from $100 and is based on your income status.

How to Get a Discounted Laptop from Amazon?

Apart from the ACP by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), it’s pretty hard to get a free laptop from Amazon. However, you can still get a great laptop at an amazing discount using Amazon. There are several ways to do that. We have explained them here one by one.

1. Participate in Amazon Giveaways & Contests:

Amazon frequently holds giveaways and contests where you can win a free laptop and other exciting prizes. To get updated with these events, you must watch the Amazon website or mobile app. Navigate to the daily offers section and participate in active campaigns from there.

However, winning such contests is not very simple. You’ll need sheer luck to get any good prize with this method. You can also try third-party giveaways and competitions, but don’t fall for the false campaigns. Just follow the basic safety precautions to stay away from fraudulent giveaways.

Never pay any money upfront or even after getting selected to get a prize from any giveaway. You should also never share your personal details, phone number, and address with any organizer.

2. Claim the Amazon Prime Student Discount:

The second method is to claim the Amazon Prime Student Discount to get the coveted membership at half its regular price. Amazon offers a 50% discount on the Prime subscription for college students. This means you can get Amazon Prime for only $7.49/month for up to four years till you graduate.

The regular pricing of the Prime membership is $14.99 per year or $139/year (if you pay annually). With a student discount, you’re not only getting the subscription at half the price, but you’re also getting the first six months for free. You can cancel before the free trial ends without paying anything.

So, you must start your Amazon Prime Student free trial and look for the best Prime-exclusive laptop deals. Once you have found it, buy the laptop or tablet. After that, you can cancel the subscription before the free trial expires. You can also set a reminder to do that.

3. Work as an Amazon VCS:

Another way to get a free laptop from Amazon is to work as a Virtual Customer Service (VCS) associate. Amazon frequently hires for this position, a completely remote job role. After getting selected for it, you’ll have to work with the company’s customer support team.

Amazon will provide a desktop, laptop, or Chromebook to work as a VCS. However, it’s usually an administrator-blocked device, and you won’t be able to use it for personal purposes. It would be best to remember that it’s a full-time job and you’ll earn a good salary.

To apply for the VCS job, you can visit this page and see if there are any vacancies for your location. After that, you’ll have to undergo a virtual onboarding process followed by on-the-job training (if selected).

4. Find Remote Jobs & Internships at Amazon:

Amazon provides internships for students that can be full-time, part-time, on-campus, and off-campus. You can find internships from Amazon on this page. Some of the roles are for summer while others are for the whole year. You can apply for the suitable ones. If you’re selected, you’ll get a number of perks, a fixed stipend, and practical experience.

Along with this, Amazon may also provide you with a laptop for work. For some roles, Amazon lets the interns keep their laptops and other free gadgets. However, you’ll have to return the equipment for most roles once the internship is complete.

5. Buy Refurbished Laptops from Amazon:

The ultimate method to get a laptop at an affordable price is to buy a refurbished one. Amazon has a wide range of refurbished laptops available at economical prices. You can browse the website or app to find one that satisfies your needs. Amazon also provides up to six or twelve months of warranty on these laptops.

If you’re worried about refurbished products not performing up to the mark, you can replace or return them. Another method to get discounted laptops from Amazon is to visit the nearby Amazon warehouse and ask if they have older or surplus stock on sale. You can find brilliant deals there a lot of times.

Final Words

Amazon doesn’t directly give free laptops to people who need them urgently, but you can get one through the Affordable Connectivity Program by ACC. Apart from that, there are other ways to get a laptop from Amazon at a significantly lower cost. You can choose the method which is the most suitable for you.

You can try to get a free laptop from Amazon using these workarounds. However, if that doesn’t work, other ways will help you get a laptop without paying. Just check the other guides on our website, and you’ll have your PC to study or work without any financial burdens.

That’s it for this guide. Feel free to ask if you have any doubts about anything mentioned here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get a discount to buy a laptop from Amazon as a student?

If you’re a student, you can start your six months of free trial of Amazon Prime. As a Prime member, you’ll get the best deals on laptops and other gadgets. You will also have priority access to Lightning Deals before non-Prime members. This way, you can find a laptop at the most economical price.

Does Amazon give free laptops to low-income households?

Amazon provides free laptops to people from low-income households through the Affordable Connectivity Program by the Federal Communications Commission. However, it doesn’t offer any free laptops to anyone directly. You can still get some other rewards and discounts using your student status.

Are Amazon refurbished laptops good for students?

Yes, Amazon offers some of the best refurbished laptops for students. You can find older business laptops such as the Lenovo ThinkPad E15, HP Elitebook 840, Dell Latitude series, and others for inexpensive prices. These laptops are perfect for your work as a student. Amazon also offers a warranty on these laptops.

Can you win a free laptop in an Amazon giveaway?

It’s possible to win a free laptop and other exciting prizes in an Amazon giveaway or contest. However, the probability of that happening is pretty low. This is because thousands and millions of people participate in such events, and the winners are chosen based on luck. There’s no way to guarantee yourself a shot at winning.

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