Free Government Tablet 2024: How To Apply?

The tablet incorporates the functionality of a laptop and the portability of a smartphone, making it a perfect device for on-the-go usage. Unfortunately, even in 2024, millions can only dream of owning these essential devices, which can be otherwise beneficial for education, employment, and development. Given the current economic landscape, is there a way for the financially disadvantaged section to get a free government tablet?

In this all-important guide, I will share all the steps you need to follow to get a free tablet from the government. 

Is the US Government Giving Away Free Tablets in 2024?

Although there is no direct distribution of tablets by the US government, acquiring one is possible through government-funded assistance programs designed to facilitate low-income families with affordable communication options.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the US government launched several technology initiatives that provide underserved families, senior citizens, and army veterans with free or discounted internet and voice calling services. While none of these programs immediately offer a free government tablet, several American telecom providers have joined hands with the government in this program, and are offering free and low-cost tablets to those in need. 

How to Get A Free Government Tablet?

The easiest way to acquire a free tablet is by participating in either of the two technology assistance programs – ACP and Lifeline. Both projects are administered by the Federal government and can help you get a free smartphone or tablet, along with substantial discounts on your monthly phone and internet bills. 

1. Affordable Connectivity Program

Starting in 2021, the Affordable Connectivity Program promises a discount of up to $30 on monthly broadband services ($75 for tribal regions) as well as a $100 price reduction on tablets, smartphones, and laptops. 

Unfortunately, the future of ACP is highly uncertain as the fund is projected to be depleted by the end of June 2024, as indicated in the latest notice from the US Federal Reserve.

Since February, only the existing ACP members can apply for a free tablet from the collaborating partners, since the program no longer allows for new enrollments. 

2. Lifeline Assistance Program

If your household annual income is below or equal to 135% of the Federal Poverty Guideline applicable in your state, you can qualify for the Lifeline program and stand a chance to secure a free tablet from the participating providers. 

Lifeline ensures a discount of up to $9.25 on monthly voice, broadband, or bundled services. 

Note – Some providers may require you to prove your eligibility through both ACP and Lifeline programs. In this case, you must be an existing ACP member to apply for a free tablet. However, with the potential shutdown of the ACP looming large, Lifeline participation can still be a viable method to obtain a low-cost tablet. 

Eligibility Criteria to Get A Free Government Tablet

There is more than one way to prove your eligibility for a free government tablet program. While proof of identity and residence is a must in every case, you can use either your income statement or documents confirming your participation in government assistance programs. 

1. Citizenship/Residence

The free government tablet scheme is only for American citizens and individuals residing legally within the country. 

Some providers may ask you for additional documents to prove your residency status or citizenship.  

2. Annual Income

For participation through ACP, your annual income must not be higher than 200% of the Federal Poverty guidelines. If you are applying through the Lifeline Assistance Program, the household income must be at or below 135% of the Federal Poverty Guideline in your state. Please remember that the minimum income criteria may be influenced by factors such as the size of the family, private ownership, mortgage, etc.

3. Participation in Government Assistance Programs

Another way to establish your eligibility is through your participation in government programs dedicated to financially challenged households.

Here are some of the most common schemes that can help you get a free government tablet from any partnering provider. 

  • EBT or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
  • Medicaid
  • Supplemental Security Income
  • The National School Lunch Program’s Free or Reduced Lunch Program
  • Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program
  • Social Security Disability
  • Food Support
  • Employment Services
  • Section 8, Federal Public Housing Assistance, or Group Residential Housing
  • Extended Foster Care
  • Adult & Child Mental Health Case Management
  • Head Start

4. Age

To receive a free tablet from the government, all applicants must be 18 or above. 

Where to Apply for A Free Government Tablet?

Here are some popular ACP and Lifeline partners, currently offering low-priced and free tablets:

1. Assurance Wireless

Contact – 888-321-5880 

Assurance Wireless is currently offering free smartphones and tablets under the Lifeline Assistance Program administered by the Federal Government. Under this initiative, the company ensures the low-income households receive free communication services, including free nationwide calling, internet, along with a free or discounted tablet, all under the T-Mobile network. 

What you get:

  • Free smartphone or tablet (new customers)
  • Unlimited monthly texts across the country
  • 1000 talks minutes each month
  • 4.5GB 4G/5G internet data
  • No credit checks and annual contracts

The qualification is determined either based on your current household income or your participation in government assistance programs, such as SNAP, Medicaid, or SSI. 

Click here to apply. 

2. Excess Telecom

Contact – 800-615-0898

Excess Telecom is another provider that has been at the forefront of affordable internet connectivity. Through the partnership with ACP and Lifeline, the company has been offering some of the most generous internet plans accompanied by a complimentary Android tablet or smartphone. 

What you get:

  • Low-cost Android tablet/smartphone
  • Unlimited calling minutes
  • Unlimited texts across the USA
  • 15GB of high-speed internet data
  • Nationwide coverage. 

Even though the ACP is no longer accepting new registrations, Excess Telecom has assured that the current beneficiaries will continue to enjoy the benefits until the program expires.

To register for a free tablet, click here

3. Q Link Wireless

Contact – 855-754-6543,

Q Link Wireless provides you with the best chance of securing a free government tablet under the Affordable Connectivity and Lifeline Assistance Programs. All qualifying members are promised a $0 monthly voice and internet bill, on top of a brand new free tablet. 

What you get:

  • A free tablet
  • Unlimited 4G/5G internet data (depending on the availability)
  • Unlimited voice calls and texts
  • Option to keep your existing phone number
  • Additional services like 3-way calling, voicemail, and access to Wi-Fi locations. 

To apply for a free tablet through the ACP/Lifeline program, all you have to do is provide your zip code and email ID to reveal the available offers in your area.

Click here to apply. 

4. Standup Wireless

Contact – 800-544-4441,

Next is Standup Wireless, where you can save up to $40 on your monthly calling and internet bills. The company also offers a free smartphone and a tablet for just $10.01 to the eligible Lifeline and Affordable Connectivity program beneficiaries. 

What you get:

  • 10-inch Android tablet (for ACP+Lifeline members)
  • 10GB of monthly LTE/5G data
  • Unlimited calling and texting
  • High-speed nationwide coverage 
  • Free smartphone 
  • Free unlimited international calling (selected countries)

To find out the free tablet offers in your region, visit the website and enter your ZIP code and email address. Please note that to avail of the free tablet, you must have an existing ACP membership, otherwise, you will only qualify for a free smartphone through Lifeline. 

Click here to apply. 

5. Easy Wireless

Contact – 877-476-3451

Easy Wireless offers numerous voice and internet plans for eligible ACP and Lifeline members. However, if you qualify for both programs, you can get a tablet worth $120 for practically nothing. 

What you get:

  • 8-inch Android tablet for $10.99 (ACP+Lifeline members only)
  • Free smartphone 
  • Unlimited calling and texting facility
  • Unlimited 4G/5G internet data (depending on the coverage)
  • Free access to Wi-Fi spots across the nation
  • 3-way calling, caller ID, voicemail.

All you need to do is enter your email and area code on the website’s homepage and check out the available offers near you. 

Click here to enroll yourself. 

6. Cintex Wireless

Contact – 855-655-3097

Cintrex Wireless is among the very few companies that offer a free and/or discounted tablet for both ACP and ACP+Lifeline combo members. The telecom provider has numerous free plans for low-income families, offering free internet and voice calling services, accompanied by free/discounted branded smartphones from Apple, Samsung, etc. 

What you get:

  • Certified refurbished tablet for $10.01
  • Unlimited calls and texts across the nation
  • Unlimited international calling to more than 80 countries
  • 15GB of monthly 5G internet for ACP+Lifeline members and 8GB for ACP members
  • Wi-Fi calling, call waiting, 3-way calling, caller ID

The application process on Cintrex is extremely easy. You need to complete an online form, providing details of your household income and assistance program participation. On successful approval, your free government tablet will be dispatched to you within a few days. 

Click here to apply. 

7. Moolah Wireless

Contact –

A lesser-known telecom provider Moolah Wireless provides extremely generous offers, allowing economically backward communities to enjoy affordable technology. Currently, Moolah is offering a free government tablet under the Affordable Connectivity Program. 

What you get:

  • Moolah Android tablet with 2 years of free service
  • 12 months of unlimited calls and 5G internet
  • Earn rewards worth up to $50/month by watching ads on your tablet
  • 3-way calling, Wi-Fi hotspot access, caller ID 

To apply for a free tablet, click on Get a tablet on the website’s homepage and fill out a simple application form. Following the successful verification of your ACP membership, you will receive your Moolah SIM card along with a free tablet. 

Click here to apply. 

How to Apply for a Free Tablet from the Government?

Here’s how you can apply for a free tablet from govt.

1. Pick A Provider

First and foremost, choose which provider offers the best deals in your state. Please note that depending on Federal Poverty Guidelines, some providers may have different offers in different states. 

2. Arrange Your Documents

Before you begin the application process, ensure all the required documents are accessible to you. Most providers have two ways of verifying your eligibility – annual income and participation in Government assistance programs. Here are the types of documents you must have handy at the time of filling out the application form: 

Category Accepted Documents
Identity Proof Birth certificate, Passport, Foreign passport, Certificate of Naturalization or of U.S. Citizenship, Permanent Resident card, Driver’s license, Resident Alien Card, Government or state-issued ID,

Tribal ID

Address Proof Government or state-issued ID, Driver’s license, Tribal ID, Paycheck stub, Current income statement, Copy of utility bills, Current mortgage or lease statement
Proof of Income Present income statement from your employer, Paycheck stub, Federal Tax paper from the previous year, State tax return documents from last year, Workers’ compensation statement, Unemployment compensation statement, Veterans Administration statement of benefits, Tribal tax documentation
Government Program Participation Proof of participation in the qualifying program, a notice letter confirming participation in the eligible state program, a letter verifying participation in the federal support program, evidence of Tribal support program participation, a statement detailing benefits from federal, state, or tribal programs, and an official document demonstrating government program participation are all required documents.


3. Fill Out the Application Form

The next step is to complete the application form and provide the required details about your identity, residence, and income correctly. Always stay truthful and don’t try to forge the information just to get a free tablet. Even a small piece of misinformation could result in the cancellation of your application

4. Verify Your Eligibility

Follow the verification process as implemented by the provider. In some cases, you might be asked to register using your ACP/Lifeline credentials. Some providers require you to provide your SSN and verify through National Verifier. Additionally, you may need to submit your annual income statement to demonstrate your eligibility.

5. Wait for the Approval

Providers may take up to 10 days to respond to your application. Some even may conduct a background check to cross-verify your financial status before approving your request. Once granted, you will receive an email/text message with the expected delivery date of your free government tablet. 


1. How to get a free tablet?

You can apply for a free tablet from the telecom providers partnering with the Affordable Connectivity and Lifeline Assistance Programs. 

2. Can I get a free government tablet with EBT?

Absolutely. EBT card is issued to SNAP beneficiaries which you can use to demonstrate your eligibility for a free tablet. All providers accept EBT as a proof of low-income status. 

3. How to find the best free government tablet near me?

The best is to search for the telecom partners offering free tablets to economically backward households. On their websites, you can find the option to search for the offers applicable in your state/area. 

4. How to get a free tablet from T-Mobile? 

Yes. T-Mobile is providing low-cost internet and free tablets to all new ACP-verified subscribers through Assurance Wireless. 


With ACP on the verge of becoming history, there is plenty of confusion regarding the availability of free government tablets beyond June 2024. Even if you’ve missed the chance to participate in the program, you can still explore numerous options through the Lifeline Assistance Program. 

These programs not only help low-income individuals achieve their goals but also promote equality among different economic sections of society, which holds the key to a nation’s overall progress. 

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