Get Free iPad With EBT (SNAP): Is It Possible?

There are numerous sources on the web and other mediums claiming that you can get a free tablet including an Apple iPad with your SNAP EBT card. But, is it really true? In this guide, we’ll explore the truth about whether it’s possible to get an iPad using an Electronic Benefits Transfer card as a low-income individual.

The Electronic Benefits Transfer, popularly known as EBT, is a government aid system by the Federal Government to help low-income families and other people in need get access to free food, groceries, and other essentials. It’s also linked with several additional programs that help individuals get more benefits.

Can You Get a Free iPad with an EBT Card?

If you’re in search of a short answer, then it’s a NO. However, if you want to know the entire truth, continue reading further. As we have already mentioned, the EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer) card helps people in need purchase eligible food items through the SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program).

This means that you can’t use your EBT card to buy an iPad from any store. In fact, selling or trading your EBT card points is illegal and may cause serious consequences. There are rumors going around that your EBT card makes you eligible for certain government programs that provide free iPads to eligible households.

However, that’s not true. Eligible individuals can get a free tablet if they’re a part of SNAP EBT, Medicaid, and other assistance programs but it’s usually a basic Android tab with essential features. The price of an iPad is on the higher side and the government can help multiple families in the cost of a single iPad.

Is There Any Other Way to Get a Free iPad?

There are some ways that can help you get a free or highly discounted iPad. The first one is through the Government programs but they don’t guarantee you’ll receive an Apple tablet. Usually, such campaigns provide low-cost Android tablets that cost less than $200 to needy individuals, so that more people can be helped with a limited budget.

If the Government starts offering iPads to low-income households, it’ll cost them a lot of money as it’s hard to find even older iPads below the $500 mark. Still, government service providers like Amazon and Walmart sometimes offer older and refurbished iPads through the Affordable Connectivity Program.

Another way to get a free or subsidized iPad is to apply for charity programs. These programs help a smaller number of people and may help you to get an Apple device if you really need it. You can also purchase refurbished iPads for a lower price than new ones through marketplaces such as Craiglist, eBay, etc.

How to Get a Free iPad as EBT Cardholder?

If you’re an EBT cardholder and have access to government assistance programs such as SNAP, Medicaid, Housing Assistance, and others, you can try your luck to get a free or subsidized iPad. There are multiple ways that you can use to get yourself a precious Apple tablet with your low-income status.

However, these don’t guarantee that you’ll receive a free iPad. Still, you can receive a basic Android tablet for free or as low as $10. You’ll be able to use it for various purposes such as studies, work, entertainment, and more. If you really need only an iPad, then I’d suggest saving up enough to purchase a used/ refurbished one.

1. Apply For Government Programs

There are several government programs such as the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) and Lifeline. These schemes are focused on providing free or inexpensive access to technology to low-income households and other underprivileged citizens, so they can stay connected to the modern digital world.

If you’re a SNAP EBT qualifying low-income individual, you can apply for such programs, provide valid documentation, and receive your free or discounted tablet from the government. There are some providers that may offer you an iPad at a price way lower than it’s generally available for.

Another way is to look for state government programs that offer technological assistance to its residents. Sometimes you may get a really good device including an iPad or a high-tech Android tab from them. You can visit your nearby government office or social service agency to get more information about such campaigns.

2. Request From Charity Organizations

There are many non-profit organizations and charities that provide no-cost and low-cost access to technology to people in need such as low-income households, rural citizens, disabled folks, veterans, and others. Most of them offer inexpensive or free computers and tablets if you’re a qualifying EBT cardholder.

Some of those may even provide you with an iPad but it’ll be an older model such as an iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini, etc. Still, if you’re getting it without disturbing your monthly budget, it’s not a bad deal. Here is a list of some organizations that you can connect with to get your free or low-cost iPad:

These organizations have certain eligibility criteria that you must meet to get your free or discounted iPad. If you meet the requirements, you can submit your application, and wait for its approval. Once it’s approved, you will receive an iPad, Samsung Tab, or some other tablet.

3. Get an Internship at Apple

One more way to get a free iPad is to qualify for an internship at Apple. This method doesn’t require you to be an EBT cardholder but it’s a great way for students to get their free iPad. Apple offers internships for various roles such as AppleCare Advisor, Marketing Manager, Creative Lead, Product Tester, and more.

If you believe you can work in such roles and have the necessary qualifications, you can apply for them through this page. The roles could be part-time, full-time, on-campus, and off-campus based on their requirements. You can select the ones that seem the most suitable for you.

Apple provides iPads, MacBooks, and other devices to their interns for work. Moreover, you can receive a great stipend and an incredible learning experience that will help you a lot in your career. If you’re not eligible for an internship, you can also look for the Apple Scholars Program from the company.

Some colleges such as Stanford University, Carnegie Mellon University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, etc, collaborate with Apple to offer a merit-based scholarship, free devices including an iPad, and other opportunities. If you’re an aspiring student, you can seek admission to such institutes.

Final Take: Stay Safe from Scams!

Getting an iPad for free is not a cakewalk. If it seems like one, then there’s a high probability that you’re falling into a scam. There are numerous giveaways and contests happening on the web claiming to give the latest iPad to winners but most of them (99.99%) are scams and won’t give you anything.

If you’ve fallen into a trap and got yourself lured to complete some tasks such as filling out surveys, downloading apps, or referring people, then you should stop right away. No matter how passionately you do these things, you won’t receive any iPad, computer, or any other advertised reward.

Another type of scam is when someone contacts you to tell you that you’ve won an iPad but you’ve to pay for the delivery fee upfront to receive your prize. Never fall for that. It’s impossible to get an iPad when you haven’t done anything. Instead, you’ll have to work hard, earn money, and purchase it yourself.

By falling for scams, you’ll only waste your time and efforts. So, stop looking for free iPads and find a side hustle that’ll pay for it. That’s all for this guide. If you need help regarding anything mentioned here, feel free to visit the comment box. We’ll be glad to assist you more.


1. Can I get an iPad for free?

No, it’s not possible to get an iPad for free unless you steal it from someone but that will put you behind bars. You should never fall for claims that people with low-income or EBT cards can get a free iPad from the government or giveaways as they are completely false. You can never get a new iPad model for free.

2. Why doesn’t the Government give iPads to low-income individuals?

The reason why the Government gives iPads to low-income families through programs like the ACP and Lifeline is the high price of the Apple devices. The Government can help multiple households with basic Android tablets at the cost of one iPad. So, it’s not wise for them to offer an iPad through aid schemes.

3. How do I get an iPad at a low price?

You can get an iPad for a lower price by claiming the student discount that Apple offers to eligible students. Another way to get an iPad for cheap is to purchase a used or refurbished one through marketplaces like Amazon, Craiglist, eBay, etc. You can also try your luck in the Black Friday sale to get the best price on an iPad.

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