How To Claim Free Tablets For Seniors In 2024?

With the world moving toward the digital age, every segment of society must have access to the latest technology, irrespective of age, income level, and physical abilities. A Tablet, particularly for the elderly, is a significant tool to access the Internet, allowing them to access government essential services like healthcare and banking, stay connected to family and friends, and of course, enjoy entertainment. To make this a reality, several public and private programs offer free tablets for seniors. 

This guide will outline every step necessary to acquire a free government tablet, covering eligibility requirements, available programs, and the application process. 

How to Get Free Tablets for Seniors?

If you are in search of a free tablet for a senior member of your family in 2024, there is a 100% chance you can obtain one. Apart from the government-backed technology programs, there are quite a few private and non-profit entities putting continuous efforts to serve the senior community. 

In addition to essentials like food and healthcare, these organizations offer cheap technology solutions such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and internet services. These programs are intended to elevate the quality of life for those in the latter stage of life, allowing them to stay connected with family, access entertainment, and fulfill technological and medical requirements. 

While the United States government doesn’t give away free tablets to seniors directly, there are numerous alternate methods you can try out to obtain one. Let’s take a look at a few of them:

1. Government-funded Programs

The Federal government administers technology programs in collaboration with state government and telecom providers to provide cost-effective internet and digital devices to low-income households, senior citizens, and military veterans. While the eligibility criteria might be different for the elderly, there is a very good chance you might secure a tablet for free or at a chunky discount. 

2. Non-Profit Entities

Another option to get a free tablet for seniors is through nonprofit entities aimed at promoting digital literacy among different sectors of society. Running on private funding or donations from individuals and big enterprises, these organizations distribute refurbished tablets and computers to those in financial crises, including students and seniors. 

3. Government Grants

A government grant is a monetary reward issued by the Federal/state government to private entities working towards social causes such as education, healthcare, research, etc. Many of these grants are dedicated to serving underprivileged children, handicapped, and senior citizens, providing them with essential amenities. Through these grants, you can secure a free tablet or raise funds to purchase one, given you have a legitimate need. 

4. Private Organizations for Seniors

The last and most viable option to acquire a free government tablet is through private organizations working towards the betterment of the senior community, providing them with necessary support and care. These entities run several programs for digital awareness, under which qualified senior citizens get a tablet to stay connected with their families and the rest of the world. 

What are the Eligibility Criteria for Free Tablets?

While the eligibility criteria to participate in a free tablet giveaway may vary depending on the state and program itself, here are a few common benchmarks for qualification:

1. Citizenship

All the free tablet schemes for seniors are exclusively for American citizens or approved permanent residents of the United States. 

2. Age

You must fulfill the minimum age requirement imposed by specific tablet programs. Keep in mind that the age threshold may vary depending on state, health, and living status. 

3. Health Status

Some programs award free tablets to seniors with certain health conditions or physical disability. In this case, you can show the medical documents to demonstrate your eligibility. 

4. Income 

Many programs, particularly government-funded ones distribute free tablets to individuals over 18, given they belong to the economically backward sector. All you have to do is produce your income statement and qualify for a free or discounted tablet from partnering providers. 

5. Government Benefits

If you or a senior member of your household is a beneficiary of government assistance programs, you can apply for a discounted tablet through ACP and Lifeline programs. All you need is documentation demonstrating your participation in any of the qualifying programs like SNAP, SSI, Medicaid, and others. 

6. Living Status

For some programs, the living place and conditions may determine your eligibility for a free tablet giveaway program. Seniors living alone or in care homes can provide supporting residential documents to establish eligibility. 

7. Others

Certain factors such as mobility status, special health requirements, and language barriers may help with the qualification for tablet programs as well. 

Where Can I Find Free Tablet for Seniors?

Here are some organizations that are providing free tablets for seniors.

1. The American Association of Retired Persons

AARP is dedicated to uplifting the lives of struggling old-age individuals, particularly those above 80. Apart from All qualifying members of the AARP program can get a free or discounted tablet, along with discounts on numerous entertainment facilities. 

2. Salvation Army

Salvation Army is a non-profit organization supporting numerous social causes like rehabilitation, disaster relief, utility assistance, and services for retirees. All you have to do is provide your area code on their website and you can find support programs offering free tablets for seniors near you. 

3. Lifeline Assistance Program

It’s a Federal technology program that offers a discount of up to $9.25 on voice, internet, and bundled packages to financially challenged senior citizens, tribals, and households. What’s more, through the Lifeline partners, you can get a new/refurbished tablet for as low as $10. 

4. Senior Savings Network

SSN assists old-age pensioners with their medicare options, allowing them to choose the best available coverage. The company also offers various resources, including free tablets to low-income individuals above 65. 

5. Computers with Causes

It’s a privately held non-profit organization that distributes laptops, desktops, and tablets to unprivileged individuals, aging citizens, shelters, foster homes, and anyone struggling to access the technology. By submitting a simple application form, you can request free tablets for seniors in your family or community center. 

6. Computers for the Community

A non-profit part of XenTegra, Computers for Community offers affordable hardware, software, and IT solutions to small non-profits and community homes. So if you are a caregiver to seniors, you can request free or discounted tablets for them through this program.  

How to Apply for Free Government Tablets for Seniors?

Take the following steps to send an application to receive a free tablet for senior citizens:

1. Pick a Provider

First and foremost, find a provider offering the best chance of getting a free tablet for seniors. Keep in mind that some of them may want a small monetary contribution against the original tablet price, however, rest assured that you will get the tablet for practically nothing. 

2. Check Your Eligibility and Requirement

Visit the provider’s website or contact the office to learn about the program’s details, rules & regulations, and eligibility criteria. It’s best to apply to as many programs as you can to increase the likelihood of receiving a tablet. 

Also, assess your requirements and apply for a tablet only if there is a genuine need. Please remember these programs are meant to support those in grave situations. Respect others’ needs before yours, and avoid sending bogus applications. 

3. Arrange the Documents

Next, organize the necessary documents to support your eligibility for a particular program. It’s advisable to arrange multiple documents to ensure there are no last-moment mishaps while applying. 

Here are some of the documents you can use:

Income: Pension statements, proof of employment (if applicable), last 3 pay stubs (if applicable), Social Security benefits records, State/Federal tax return statements, Statement of government assistance benefits, etc. 

Identity/Age: Identity card issued by State or Federal government, Birth certificate, Passport, driver’s license, health insurance documents, medicare card, etc. 

Citizenship/Residence: Birth certificate issued by the state government, American Passport, Utility bills, Permanent resident card, certificate of neutralization, Government documents with your name and address on it, etc. 

Government Program Participation: Medicare/Medicaid card or enrollment document, veteran Affairs documents, Housing assistance program enrollment confirmation, Supplemental Security Income, eligibility notice, Social Security Disability Insurance documents, EBT card, etc. 

Medical Records: Hospital discharge summaries, records of medical procedures, Disability reports from doctors, medical documents suggesting technological assistance due to certain health issues, Doctor’s prescription for medicines, etc. 

Disability/Special Physical Condition: Medical certificate indicating disability, Doctor’s letter, Documents from the rehabilitation center, Letter from medical professional indicating special physical limitations, IEP, Social Security Disability determination letter, etc. 

4. Complete the Application

Fill out the application carefully and provide the necessary information. Attach the supporting documents when necessary. Once you’ve cross-verified the form, submit it. 

5. Wait for the Approval

Now it’s time to wait for the confirmation, which might take up to 2 weeks to arrive. Upon approval, you may get an email or text highlighting the next steps to receive and activate your tablet. 


1. How to apply for a free tablet from the government?

Simply pick a provider, fill out the application, and submit the necessary documents supporting your eligibility. If approved, you will get a free or discounted tablet. 

2. Can I get free iPads for seniors in California?

Certainly. Through the programs like California Department of Aging, OC Office on Aging, and Digital Connections, you can acquire a free iPad for eligible senior citizens from California. 

3. Is it possible to get a free tablet with EBT?

Yes. If you are an EBT card holder, you can apply for the Lifeline Assistance Program and apply for a free tablet from a collaborating telecom provider. 

4. How to get free tablets for seniors in Texas?

The Specialized Telecommunications Assistance Program (STAP) provides discounted or free tablets to the elderly in Texas, through the Medicaid program. 

5. Can I get a free tablet with Medicaid for seniors?

Yes absolutely. To get a free tablet, you can contact non-profits like Computers with Causes and Computers for the Community. You can also apply for the government-sponsored Lifeline program through your Medicaid participation. 

Wrapping Up

When talking about seniors, a tablet is certainly a better option than a smartphone or laptop, as it offers a perfect balance between the two – portability, functionality, and a bigger display. Elderly members of the family typically suffer from isolation, lack of social connections, poor vision, and difficulty in accessing essential services. While nothing can beat personal care, free tablets for seniors programs can elevate their lifestyle. So don’t wait; explore the options highlighted in this guide and give a tablet to your loved ones today. 

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